Celebrating the life and art of Václav Havel
New York City, October through December 2006



Translated by Marie Winn
Directed by Ian W. Hill
Produced by Gemini CollisionWorks

Presented at the Brick Theater.

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Thursday, November 2 @ 8p.m.
Saturday, November 4 @ 9:30p.m.
Wednesday, November 8 @ 7p.m.
Saturday, November 11 @ 9:30p.m.
Sunday, November 12 @ 8p.m.
Thursday, November 16 @ 8p.m.
Friday, November 17 @ 8p.m.
Sunday, November 19 @ 8p.m.
Sunday, November 26 @ 8p.m.

Kotrly: Fred Backus
Neuwirth: Eric C. Bailey*
The Secret Messenger: Aaron Baker
The Director: Danny Bowes
Foustka: Walter Brandes*
Petrushka/Mrs. Houbova: Maggie Cino
The Dancer: Tim Cusack*
Marketa: Jessi Gotta
Lorencova: Christiaan Koop
The Deputy: Roger Nasser
Fistula: Timothy McCown Reynolds*
Vilma: Alyssa Simon*

Dr. Foustka, a respected scientist, tries to contact the devil, despite strict government regulations to the contrary. His is contacted by Fistula, an unkempt man who smells like cheese. Fistula claims to be able to fulfill Faustka’s every desire, but he may possibly just be a man with a unfortunate foot infection.

Production history
As this play premiered at the Burgtheater in Vienna, Havel had simultaneous private reading of the play, with friends, in Czechoslovakia, in order to experience opening night.

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