The Burning Bush
One-woman show about a rabbinical student turned stripper

Cities of Light

Jewish cabaret, circa 1930's, from around the world

The Dig: Death, Genesis & the Double Helix
Middle East. Matriarchs. Cruelty. It's a comedy.

Doctors Jane & Alexandar
Documentary theater about science and art, told with humor and song

Toy theater puppetry on the subject of Emma Goldman

Hard Love
The first New York production of noted Israeli playwright Motti Lerner

The Jewbird
From Bernard Malamud's short story

Jolly Good Fellows
Jews and Irish on the variety stage in the 1890's

Laughing at the Speed of Light
Flash Rosenberg translates what's visible into verbal snapshots

The Legacy Project
Dance, theater, and live music

An English-language premiere of a Sholem Alecichem play

The Most Radiant Beauty
Einstein, Genesis, and puppets

Rat Bastards
A new Commedia about Jews and Arabs in 1630's Venice

Scenes from a Misunderstanding
Letters between Freud and Jung

10 Imaginings of Sarai & Hagar
Midrashim about the matriarchs of two great nations

To Pay the Price
The story of Yoni Netanyahu, who died at Entebbe

Village of Fools
Isaac Bashevis Singer's stories of Chelm, told with puppets