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by Richard Foreman

Directed by Edward Einhorn

Category One: A play with an actors, but no audience
Category Two: A play with an audience, but no actors
Category Three: A play in which the audience is the actors


"[Lava] gives rise to moments of such beautiful non-intentionality Foreman himself could only dream of."
Emergency Gazette April 14, 2000

"'[Edward Einhorn] was very quick and very smart...before he started doing these plays'"
Richard Foreman, in an interview about Lava, as quoted in the March 23 Time Out.

Various performance times and locations, from 1998 on. Visit again soon to see the list of the next performances.


I hate to break the illusion of having gone rogue with this play, but after a review in the Village Voice took seriously the idea that I had been given a "cease and desist" order, I just have to clarify: I do start the play by saying "Richard Foreman banned me from doing his work anymore, so now I'm going to do whatever the Hell I want with this production." But it's a joke. Richard has seen the script of everything I say, was amused by it, and gave me the OK to do the play the way I have done it. We remain friendly, and any real controversy is manufactured (by me, in great part, I must admit, as a way of framing the work).Richard and I have had disagreements about art, and that is partially what my interpretation of LAVA focuses on, but they have been friendly, not contentious.

Now I will return you back to the illusion of theater...

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