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An economic vaudeville, a multi-disciplinary experiment to discover whether economic ideas can be represented through performance.  Every night is a new set of acts, set in a framework of economic games.

March 20 - April 11, 2015

at HERE Arts Center
145 6th Ave

Tickets $20, plus a required $5 - 10 buy in


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Conceived and curated by Edward Einhorn
Game design: Edward Einhorn and Gyda Arber
Assistant producer: Patrice Miller
Stage manager: Berit Johnson
Set design: Christopher 
Lighting design: Jeff Nash
Video design: Gil Sperling
Costume consultant and design: Natalie Loveland
Sound engineering and design: Travis Wright
Concessions manager: Corinne Woods
Assistants: Lindsay Carter, Angelica Sumner
Intern: Taylor Steele

Hosted by Mick O'Brien

Partcipants: Hannah Allen, Tessa Allen, Gyda Arber, Kevin Augustine, Tatiana Baccari, Fred Backus, Ric Becker, Lynn Berg, Magic Brian, Chris Chapell, Audrey Crabtree, Nic Cory, Maria Dessena, Michael Fanelli, Avner Finberg, David Hanson, Jennifer Harder, Daniela Hart, Laura Hartle, Ian W. Hill, Marty Isenberg, Dorothy James, Charlie Kanev, Tanya Khordoc, Liz Kimball, Jonathan Kline, Ted Malawer, Daniel McKleinfeld, Patrice Miller, Tricia Milnamow  Jenny Lee Mitchell, Ken Monahan, Jody Oberfelder, Eric Oleson, Felipe Ossa, Carolyn Raship, Joey Revier, Dina Rose Rivera, Jonathan Roberts, Russ Roberts, Mac Rogers, Melissa Roth, Trav SD, Stephen Sposito, Moira Stone, Barry Weil, Jenny Rachel Weiner, Stephanie Willing, Corinne Woods. Emily Clare Zempel, Steve Zimmer

Money Lab is an economic vaudeville, a multi-disciplinary experiment to discover whether economic ideas can be represented through performance. It uses a mixture of theater, dance, video, cabaret, opera, puppetry, clowning  and games in order to explore everything from the gold standard, to the 2008 stock market collapse, to the theories of Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Arthur Laffer, and Elinor Ostrom, to the intersections of economics and art. Developed with the help of a crew of artists  and economists, this project will culminate month long run at HERE Arts Center.

Among the elements presented during the evening will be audience participatory games based on economic behavioral experiments, including auctions, The Dictator Game, and The Ultimatum Game, developed with the help of Game Play curator Gyda Arber and economist Rosemarie Nagel; and a number of rotating acts on various subjects.

Upon entering, audience members will be required to purchase five dollars worth of tokens that they will used in the games during the evening.  Red and blue tokens will representing the conflicting economies of food vs. flowers, aka basic needs vs. beauty/art.  The results of the games will change the value of the tokens during the course of the evening, and the fluctuating exchange rates will be posted throughout.  One central question of the evening is: how do we value art, and can it be measured on an economic scale.


Originally workshopped at:

August 7 - 10, 2013

at The Brick
575 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Tickets $20, plus a required $5 - 10 buy in

Conceived by Edward Einhorn

Hosted by Clive Dobbs.  Performers include Emily Alpren, Kayla Eisenberg, Laura Hartle, Ian Hill, Jenna Purcell, Ruri Saito, Stephanie Willing, and Michael Whitney.  Lights by Ian W. Hill.  Costumes by Jana Fronczek.  Stage managed by Berit Johnson.  Assisted by Amy Melissa Bentley and Corinne Woods