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"One of the most startlingly intense shows I've seen."

Helen Shaw

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“"An ambitious multimedia play ...The show’s greatest theatrical magic involves a young red heifer, a furry bystander to God’s spiraling despair. She is a puppet — and kudos to her creator, Mr. Augustine, for putting her on this earth."

Laura Collins-Hughes

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“'The God Projekt' is part macabre puppet show, and Augustine’s creations are masterfully unsettling, crawling about doggedly before their Father has made them legs, or reduced to a head that still babbles are-we-there-yet questions about the final peace of Judgment Day...Through use of simple props and quietly magical effects this is set in motion in a way which takes an angry, perceptive, hilarious, gloomy narrative to an unexpectedly, unforgettable moving conclusion."" 

Adam McGovern

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“A bold theatrical statement that explores a question that is ancient and relevant. The creators’ efforts in searching beyond canon should be celebrated and emulated." 

Ran Xia

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“Augustine's performance as God is captivating and powerful...For a thoughtful, exhilarating meditation on faith, theology, and the art of being able to move on from the past, head to LaMaMa. You may not know exactly what you're seeing at the time, but I promise you it'll stay with you." 

Mateo Moreno

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“This is perhaps the finest showcase for Kevin’s remarkable range and ability as an actor that I’ve ever seen…This is a brave show." 

Martin Denton
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New York Theater Experience

“A very sharp dissection of religion...Augustine’s performance as God is exceptional.

Charles Battersby
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Theater for Nerds

“Unusual and thought-provoking... the show brings to mind Beckett’s great situational monologues”

Jon Sobel
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