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“[The Iron Heel] serves up food for thought with an appealing heart-on-sleeve warmth. You may well find yourself humming some of those tunes on the way out."

Elisabeth Vincentelli
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5 STARS "This well-acted, cleverly executed production is a mind-bending tour de force of ideas, as only Einhorn can deliver, with darkly twisting humor and swaths of realism thrown in to perplex.."

Carole DiTosti
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"The production manages to give the story a deeper emotional impact thanks to the terrific cast...But most of all, the production brings alive the hope and horror of the revolutionaries who fought in the early 20th century in a way that feels relevant and contemporary to a modern audience."

Geoff Bailey
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Socialist Workers

"In Edward Einhorn's briskly-paced and endearing stage adaptation, the spine of the story remains, while much of the soapboxing has been trimmed...A rousing tale of rigged elections, false identities, prison escapes, bombings, romantic interludes, songs of solidarity, and scenes of terrifying carnage."

Ethan Kanfer
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"I was impressed by how moved much of the audience was - old lefties and younger millennials finding a common bond in a story and songs over 100 years old. It is a fun night."

Scott Mitchell
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"Einhorn and his Untitled Theater Company #61 prove again a master (but a benevolent one) in turning intellectual matters into engaging stage shows."

Jonathan Mandell
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“A solid introduction to Jack London and his work in a time wrought with doubts about the current economic and political landscape across the globe. Einhorn’s adaptation is a testament to the idea that, sometimes, the best way to understand the past is the best way to understand the present. "

Sarah Weber
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"Edward Einhorn not only absorbed creatively the impetus given by Jack London'sThe Iron Heel but also thought over again in its light political discourse as a whole."

Alexandra Scruggs
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"As Ernest in The Iron Heel, Charles J. Ouda is the most compelling prophet I've ever seen portrayed...this is perhaps Einhorn's most emotionally immediate work."

Adam McGovern
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