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City of Glass
adapted by Edward Einhorn
from the novel by Paul Auster
playing at The New Ohio

Recent projects:  

Collection cover 9 12a

Money Lab
Conceived and curated by Edward Einhorn

The Velvet Oratorio
Libretto by Edward Einhorn, Music by Henry Akona

The Pig, or Václav Havel's Hunt for a Pig
by Václav Havel

The God Projekt
concieved by Kevin Augustine; 
written & directed by Kevin Augustine
and Edward Einhorn

The Lathe of Heaven
adapted & directed by Edward Einhorn
based on the book by Ursula K Le Guin

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
adapted by Edward Einhorn
from the book by Philip K. Dick

From Theater 61 Press

The Havel Collection, a five volume set of new translations of the work of Václav Havel.